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First of all, what is yoga? How can we describe it in our own language and perception? According to me, it is the best way to inhale positivity and exhale our problems. It opens our nervous system ,body, heart, lungs etc. that leads to the proper functioning of our body.


Now, what is the purpose of doing yoga on daily basis? Doing yoga leads to the proper functioning power through which we can control yourself and furthermore which results in correct decision making in hard situations because if we are happy with our body then ultimately we have the power to control our mind with better decision making in life which leads to not only a healthy mind but also a healthy body.

It is the most affordable exercise because we can do it at home by watching you tube videos or by searching through the internet. We can’t make excuses that we don’t have money to buy the membership like in gym and it can be done by any age group as it is beneficial to all.

Its benefits are as follows—

*Helps in 7-8 Hrs power sleep.
*Increasing meditation power.
*Heart and mind controlling power.
*Tackling eating disorders.
*Relief from all kinds of health issues.
*Managing stress problems.
*Stimulates the metabolism power.

Movement, breathing, and concentration are the three main components of yoga, which connects the body and mind. Yoga provides several health advantages for both the body and the mind, such as improved alignment, flexibility, power, coordination, and awareness of one’s body. The body and mind are prepared for meditation by concentrating on controlled movement and breathing, with an approach to a peaceful mind that offers silence and release from daily stress.

It can develop into a potent and sophisticated discipline for achieving physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing when it is frequently practised. Yoga asana practices improve strength and flexibility while calming your mind and calming your stress levels. The asanas have an impact on the complete body. The posture and the breath are the physical foundations of yoga. Visit To My Latest Blog on Chandrayaan – 3 : Thealphahuman.

At last , we will discuss facts regarding yoga. As we know it is also considered as the oldest type of religion. It was introduced in Indus valley civilization around 2700 B.C.It is over 5000 years old.About 72% of yoga practitioners are women. It is meant to be practised early in the morning. More than 100 0r 200 different types of yoga exist. It is one of the original physical disciplines in existence today.
We all should do it with our family members daily early in the morning and not only on International Yoga Day i.e. June 21.



As adolescents step into early adulthood, their challenges start to control them. If challenges are stressful they can have an impact on their mental as well as physical health. Disruptive junk food habits, smoking and drinking all these can be the result of some kind of stress in studies, personal relationships, jobs or any psychological problem.

All of these causes can really impact youths. Yoga is proved to be beneficial more to youths than to others. It not only comprises physical achievements but also mental as well as emotional achievements. Some people think it is meant only for adjusting your body. But no! it has also proven itself in stabilising the mental state of people.

People of all ages can benefit from yoga in the ways listed below:
increases flexibility, and energy.
reduces anxiety and stress.
increases calmness and concentration.
ties self to spirituality.


Advantages of yoga go beyond physical well-being. Youth is every nation or country’s greatest asset. In India now, 40% of the population is under 35 years of age. India is ready to take on a globe where young people are hard at work creating the biggest democracy on earth!
Many new opportunities are being tried, worked on, invented, and discovered by youth, but there is also a negative side to this coin in the form of their hardships and difficulties.

A brighter future can be formed by addressing general youth problems holistically with yoga. Yoga is the all-round science that is preventive in nature. Numerous studies have demonstrated the benefits of it in lowering stress levels and the energising effects of practices like Shavasana and guided meditation.

Because everyone tries to fit in with a certain group, they often develop harmful behaviours as a result. Your friends could pressure you to smoke or drink in order to look cool. What begins as a curiosity turns into an addiction. You may simply release these dependencies with the use of yoga. You can experience a natural high from regular yoga practice. You might not feel the need to consume artificial substances to feel joy or euphoria.

Many people claim that they perceive fewer feelings of frustration and, even when they do, that it lasts for shorter periods of time as they practise yoga regularly. Yoga philosophy and techniques provide you the tools you need to deal with individuals, sentiments, and other challenging circumstances.Due to inadequate equipment, facilities, or instruction, the majority of people forego daily exercise or do not exercise at all. Yoga asanas can save you in such circumstances. You don’t actually need additional equipment for it because it takes care of your overall physical and mental wellbeing. You can easily include some simple yet highly efficient yoga positions into your regular routine workout for greater results.

Here are some of the asanas that anyone especially youth can perform early in the morning or anytime they prefer:

  1. Bitiladana or Cow pose
  2. Anjaneyasana or Low lunge
  3. Majaryasana or Cat pose
  4. Trikonasana or Triangle
  5. Vrksasana or Tree pose
  6. Gomukhasana or cow face pose
  7. Bhujangasana or Cobra pose
  8. Balasana or Child’s pose

You only need a yoga mat at home to perform these simple positions for daily life. These are excellent for keeping you physically strong and mentally healthy. You can reenergise yourself physically, psychologically, and emotionally with yoga’s support. You can easily do it in between your intense exercise routine to calm your body and replenish your vitality.Since many people are now aware of the physical advantages of it, they view it as a form of exercise. However, yoga is much more than that. The postures are essentially just one aspect of a much larger lifestyle.

Yoga is a practice, thus there is no requirement that you should be flawless. Youth can develop a positive body image and higher self-esteem via this consistent practice and growth.Teenagers juggle a lot when balancing extracurricular endeavours , homework, managing social situations, and managing examinations and college admissions. Teenagers who practise yoga can find time for themselves while building strong coping skills for anxiety and stress. And later on this practice can help in coping with their youthful challenges. To Know More About Yoga Visit To: Harvard.

Safety measures –

  • Yoga should be learned and practised under the direction of a certified teacher who will go through your postures in detail.
    -Put on comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, and always use a mat with excellent support and grip.
    -Avoid practising yoga right after eating.
    -If you have any disease, injuries or illness, make your teacher aware of that condition.
    -Never push your body over its pain threshold or beyond its capacity for toleration.
    -Keep a two- to three-hour gap between meals and yoga sessions.
    -If you are a beginner, avoid doing hard yoga postures.
    -Do yoga with a positive mindset and avoid any kind of stress or worries.
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Finally, after discussing the meaning, purpose, and benefits of doing yoga it is concluded that its benefits are not only limited to mental health but also physical health. People are not confined to follow any strict rules and regulations of doing it. It is up to them what form they want to choose. it has many positive effects on the body and mind, but it’s vital to keep in mind that it’s also a kind of exercise that calls for correct form and safety measures.

Yoga for teens can offer a perfect management strategy for all those changes, as adolescence is a formative and one of the most significant life seasons in terms of both mind and body. Additionally, it has been practised for the longest period because of its many health advantages, including preserving a healthy weight and enhancing discipline and attention. Therefore, including in your teen’s daily routine and having them practise these postures can help them develop a peaceful and relaxed mind as well as a healthy body and increased self-confidence.

Yoga’s objective is to make you smile, despite the strains and worries you face every day.
Anxiety, a nervous breakdown, and depression are brought on by stress, and these conditions can result in violent and antisocial behaviour problems. it helps reduce the psychological effects of stress, according to studies. Self care is to care for oneself. And one of the best self-care strategies one can adopt for his well-being and living life upto the best.

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