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Splash – The Water Park

splash - Water Parks

Splash is one of the popular water parks for family, and friends to have a day out from the water rides, slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers located in Alipur, Delhi. There are separate areas for the kids and small children according to their age group. Tornado Ride is one of the most famous rides in the splash water park as it has a lot of twists and turns before you will reach the bottom of the water known as the Giant water slide.

Splash has not only water rides and wave pools but also a food street stall type on every corner of the water parks where you can sit and chill while eating delicious and spicy food with your family and friends at a cheap rate.

Price- Children – Rs. 550, Adults- Rs. 650, Senior Citizens – Rs. 350
Location- Alipur, Delhi

Just Chill Water Park

Water Parks Just Chill

The park has a different variety of water rides including wave pools, slides, and small kinds of rivers in it. For kids, they provide different sections of areas where they can easily run, chill, swim, and enjoy the rides without getting harmed. The best water parks to burn out stress from your mind and spend your holiday in the right place. One of the most famous rides in just chill water park is Rain Dance where you can dance with your friends.

Ocean Waves and rainbow godzilla are the best you must experience in the just-chill water parks. There are several tea stalls, coffee stalls, and eating corner stalls across the water park where you can chill and have fun with your friends and children. As its name is just chill but this water park gives you more chill and enjoyment during the hot summer days at an affordable rate.

Price- Rs 900 per person
Location- GT Karnal Road, Delhi

Fun N Food Village

Water Parks Fun N Food Village

The Rain Dance is the most famous area in these water parks with the music and lights in it. People love to dance in the rain. And one of the famous rides known as Amoeba with the twist and turns. Fun n food village also provides you the shops where you can purchase for your family and friends at a very cheap rate and also have food stalls with snacks and drinks with the brand name on every corner of the water parks. It is one of the greatest and best places you must visit on summer days. For More Content Visit To Our Homepage: Thealphahuman

Price- Children- Rs. 500, Adults- Rs. 1000
Location Near Old Delhi – Gurgaon Road

Jurasik Park Inn

Water Parks Jurasik INN

The water park is inspired by the Hollywood movie Jurasik World franchise with a lot of dinosaur-themed pools and wave rides. One of the most famous rides among the visitors’ minds is Dino Twister and T- Rex Tower with a spinning ride with a lot of twists and turns before reaching the water and ground.

Jurasik water parks are a great place to visit with family and friends as they also provide you with tasty food like Pizza, burgers, and Soft Drinks from the stall and restaurants with the seating area made inside the water park. Fun places must be visited on hot summer days.

Price- Rs. 1000 per person.
Location- GT Karnal Road, NH44- Sonipat – Near Delhi

Worlds of Wonder

Water Parks Worlds of Wonder

They have different kinds of gentle carousels to thrilling roller coaster rides for all age groups of people at affordable prices which is why it is one of the most famous water parks in Delhi. Worlds of Wonder have a variety of swimming pools with waves where we can cool out our day in freaking hot summer with our family and friends.

Worlds of Wonder also have a dance floor where you can dance along with the rain and listen to trending music and chill out your stress in the water parks with the tasty and spicy street at cheap rates available there in the amusement park.

They have 20 different rides where you can choose according to your will but from 20 there is one ride Free Fall which drops you from a height of 60 feet with a speed of 55 km per hour, one of the best rides in the water parks.

Price- Children- Rs. 450, Adults- Rs. 700 Senior Citizens- Rs. 300
Location – Noida, Just Outside of Delhi

Adventure Island – Metro Walk

Water Parks Adventure Island

Adventure Island is one of the largest and most famous among all the water parks covering an area of 62 acres and having over 25 different kinds of water slides and water pools with a variety of food stalls that offers us popcorn, ice cream, chaat, and bhel puri types of spicy and delicious food to their visitors at the affordable rate.

The most famous slide is known as Splash Dunk where you dropped from 40 feet height above directly to the pool. And another Amazonia is known as the H20 water slide which is 100 feet long and takes you with thrilling twists and turns into the pool of water parks.

Price- Children- Rs.550, Adults- Rs. 650, Senior Citizens- Rs. 350
Location- Rohini, New Delhi

Atlantic Water World

Water Parks Atlantic Water World

The park is famous for its discount and offers to the visitors on weekdays and weekends with the different kinds of pools and waves slides in it. They are also for large parties having fun with friends and family and chilling out there which is a great spot to chill in the water parks. You can reach there by different modes like public transport or by metro. For 50% Off Visit To : Atlantic water World.

Black Thrill is one of the famous and favorite slides among the heart of people which takes you 60 feet high above from the ground and rides you from there with thrilling twists and turns full of joy back to the water pool. Rain dance parties are also the best thing to do there with eating street stall food and also from restaurants at affordable rates in the Atlantic water world. One of the best water parks for first-time visitors.

Price- Children- Rs. 699, Adults- Rs. 999
Location- New Delhi

Drizzling Land

Drizzling Land Water Parks

Drizzling Land is one of the most popular and famous water parks in Delhi NCR. They provide a variety of spicy food at affordable prices and you can enjoy it there with your relatives and colleagues and relax there in your free time without any stress as they also have different kinds of rides and wave pool, water parks, lazy river and different variety of slides.

The ticket price totally depends on the weekdays and weekends. They change from time to time but they never go up to expensive rates. You can enjoy the dance area with your children. And enjoy a lot of snacks and drinking. The fun fact about water parks is you can connect your Bluetooth to the music systems and can enjoy any kind of music of your own. For Exclusive offers Visit to website: Drizzling Land.

Price- Children- Rs 450, Adults- Rs 550
Location- Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR

Ffunmax Water Park

Ffunmax Water Parks

It is one of the most famous among all water parks with a party lawn. Rides are totally different as compared to others. If you want to spend a hot summer holiday you can visit Ffunmax without any doubts in your mind. You can see their different kinds of diet meals for the people and you can also take the yoga classes from there according to the Ffunmax yearly package.

They offer you membership if you are a regular visitor with heavy discounts and offers according to your yearly package.

Price- Children- Rs 600, Adults- Rs 700
Location – 42 Km Stone Main Mathura Road, Faridabad, Delhi- NCR

Wet N Wild Water Park

Wet N Wild Water Parks

If you want to take a break from your hectic busy life schedule you must visit here among all the water parks. If you will do so mark my words. You will not be disappointed and totally worth it by visiting here. very genuine place to be enjoying with your family, friends, cousins, and girlfriend. They will offer you several kinds of juices and meals of all three times with a heavy discount.

They have all kinds of slides for all age groups measuring all the safety features in and outside of the water parks. They also have a yearly package if you want to visit there every week or every month. They will provide you with a membership with all the offers and discounts.

Price- Children- Rs 400, Adults- Rs 500
Location- 45- Milestone, Gurugram- Delhi NCR


Delhi is not only the capital of India but also the capital of water parks in different areas with high safety measurements and security precautions. As I discussed above, the top water parks available in Delhi with their features, prices, locations, and membership packages with all the discounts and offers. If you really want to take a break from your stressed and hectic life in the hot summer days you can go to these water parks without any doubts and get chills, and relax from your mind, body, and soul with your family and friends.

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