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Places you must visit in India –

Taj Mahal

Taj mahal- Places you must visit in India

Places you must visit in India -The Taj mahal is famous for its ivory white marble which is situated in near the bank river Yamuna in Agra Uttar Pradesh. As Taj mahal is symbol of love so lover from any countries must visit these place once they reach to India. Shah Jahan made Taj mahal for his lover and interesting part was that he cut the hands of the workers or we can say architecture so no one able to make monument like Taj mahal is should be only one which should come in world’s wonder.

It is also the houses the tomb of shah Jahan himself. And the area is totally Large covered with 17 hectares known as 42 acres land covered with height 73m ( 240ft) And built in 1631- 1653 and shah Jahan built it for Mumtaz and the architecture named Ustad Ahmad Lahori main person and taj mahal style designed in Mughal empire way. To Get Best Taj Mahal Tours & Tickets with offer click on it: Viator.

Places you must visit in India As there is increasing visitors day by day across the world not only in India to see these beautiful symbol of love. Comes under the governing body of India controlled in full protected way through security no one can misbehaves with you in Taj mahal everywhere is tighted security the govt. of India as it is these best place to visit in Agra.

When you will visit to taj mahal you will see different kinds of people of every religion out there enjoying with their families taking selfie , photograph and eating with near besides restaurant with the night view and taj mahal inspire you to be with your lover for lifetime once history has been made for the true love birds so why not the present generation can repeat it with their true ones.

New Delhi

New Delhi Places you must visit in India

Places you must visit in India -The capital of India, New Delhi, is a symbol of the rich history and prosperity , and is considered as the heart of the nation. New Delhi has many famous places, be it a monument, a temple, a palace or a landmark, all of which tell the story of this incredible city.

There are many places in New Delhi that one must not forget to visit . These places are: India Gate, Red Fort, Lodhi Garden, the astonishing Qutub Minar , Akshardham temple , Connaught Place, The garden of five senses, Hauz khas and many more. There are also famous flea markets to explore: Sarojini Market, Palika Bazar, Sadar Bazar, Janpath Market. Not only for shopping spree and travelling, New Delhi also known for its variety in street foods.

Like if you are starting your tour of Delhi early in the morning then you must visit Parathe Vali Gali in Chandni Chowk for a good and delightful breakfast. It generally opens at 8:30 AM but it’s best for you to visit at 9 AM. After that you can start your tour and have lunch and dinner at many famous cafes or restaurants. There are tons of these cafes and restaurants. As a Delhiite, I would suggest to go for street foods in markets at dinner time. that’s why we have the Places you must visit in India.

New Delhi in its own charming way opens to all people regardless of their country or continent. If we talk about history of Delhi then you must know that since the beginning, Delhi is regarded as the most important state of India. Be it in Mughal times or after that. The mighty king of “Hindustan” of that time resided in Delhi .

Indeed, ages will come and go, but the charm and essence of New Delhi will go on forever. Places you must visit in India I have mentioned Delhi Because Delhi is known for street foods, Shopping , Cultural Activities, Clubbing, Pubbing, And for the famous university like Delhi university where lot of students comes not only from India but across the Globe. So, People must visit to New Delhi if they are visiting in India.

The tradition of Delhi is only in Delhi you can never find other Delhi across the world. people used to worship gods like they worshiping to their parents. Delhi is the place where you will get your mental peace to it’s peak level. you can do a lot of work, jobs in the New Delhi. Read it if you like comment on it – Top 6 Richest People Around The Globe

Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar Places you must visit in India

For night view restaurants booking slot go to link:Night Dinner with Qutub Minar Places you must visit in India-The Qutub Minar is the tallest minaret in India .It is 73 m tall. It is also recognised as a well-known UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was constructed in the way that we can’t even imagine beyond our expectations.

The construction of Qutub Minar was completed by three Delhi Rulers of that time. They were Qutab-ud-din Aibak, Iltutmish and finally completed by Firoze Shah Tughlaq that’s why It comes in Top 5 Places you must visit in India. There is also mosque just outside called Quwwat-Ul-Islam. It was built by the hard workers or we can say labors whom we can never forget . Though it was built in ruins, yet it is known to be the first mosque built in India. Qutub Minar is the famous tourist site in Delhi. Not only foreigners but you will also find native people in bulk. Everyone enjoys the beauty of this masterpiece of 73m high.

There exist many stories or motives behind the construction of this minaret and many more Places you must visit in India. Some say the construction is the symbol of victory of Ghurid dynasty over Rajput kings, while others think that it was used as a stage area from where Imam or maulanas used to lead the prayers . Everyone has their side of story. History is full of these stories in the Places you must visit in India . Leaving the past behind, the surroundings of Qutub Minar also offers many picnic spots like parks, cafes, restaurants etc. It is generally regarded as the best picnic spot in Delhi.

The surroundings are so clean that one can truly feel the essence of this historical site. That’s why it comes in top 5 Places you must visit in India. Furthermore, the complex is also surrounded by many other architectural wonders. This is indeed an extraordinary site that one should not miss if he/she visits Delhi.


Nainital Places you must visit in India

Places you must visit in India-Nainital( Best Traveling Hill Stations) is a city which is situated in Uttarakhand of Nainital district. It is Judicial capital of Uttarakhand with high court located there and also have the houses the governor of Uttarakhand. Nainital is the summer capital and the mind blowing place for your holiday chill you can go with bus, train or by your vehicle using the google maps with your friends, families etc. there is the big large lake in the middle of Nainital surrounded by highly mountain areas with lot of best hotels, Restaurant.

Nainital air is totally pure not polluted having the lake boats through which the people can ride into the every corner of the lake. Every year lot of people visits to Nainital not from India but also from across the world. Because it comes in the most beautiful top 5 places you must visit in India.

Places you must visit in India The temples in Nainital is famous across the world because of the spiritual power Believed by the people who visits there and worship the Hindu god. Wishes come true when you visit there the famous temple of Neem Karoli Baba Ashram (KAINCHI DHAM )is situated there where lot of foreigners Visit there when baba was used to be lived there like Apple owner ( STEVE JOBS) to get the blessing of baba ji. When you visit the place you will feel like a heaven on earth in India.

Red Fort

Red Fort Places you must visit in India

Red fort location- Netaji Subhash Marg, Lal Qila, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi 110006 as it is historical fort owned by the Indian government now and made by the Mughal Empire in past . the Red Fort is famous for Represent the Zenith of Mughal Empire and their war. Places you must visit in India -The red fort or Lal Qila we can say in Indian language must visit place in Old Delhi.

Shah Jahan ordered to built the red fort after he shifted from Agra to Delhi it is famous for its red marble and historical murti inside the red fort and was architect by same person named Ustad Ahmad Lahori who architect the taj mahal. Every year on Independence Day the current prime minister raised the Indian flag above the Lahori gate and the entrance of fort is also from Lahori Gate.

Places you must visit in India is the Red Fort and see it’s colour is originally white as it built with the white sandstone. you can book your tickets online or offline both or you can it from the red fort they will tell you everything like timings etc. entry fee is cheap not much expensive . Lot of people come to see Red Fort globally. It is beauty itself made when you visit must go to see Red Fort you can see spark there by your own eyes.

Above are the details of Places you must visit in India before you die. Red fort is the best place to boost your mental peace you can sit with your friends, family , girlfriend likewise talk to them because there is lot of space available around there. we will see the lot of public is roaming around the red fort till the late night and enjoying and Inside the red fort the outside food is allowed and the famous food of red fort is matar samosa at old famous jalebi.

That is why red fort is in the top 5 Places you must visit in India and the most important thing that is a lot of street food which is available on night on the basis of cheap rates. and you would love to eat ice creams at night which could be easily found there so, If you not gone yet walk up and go fast. The Red fort signify the power of India and their powerful dynasty and known for its beautiful architecture and for Indian people’s. It is not only a Building but a true and powerful national movement of the Indian Freedom and We the Indian people have the great affection and respect towards the Red Fort.

Conclusion :

India is the only country with diversity at great lengths. Be it language, food or even places to travel or visit.
Here are the top 5 places you must visit in India before you die! Although there are many more amazing places to explore, these 5 places will surely give you glimpses of Incredible India. Most of them are in the capital state, Delhi where you can enjoy every moment in bulk. All these places include the cheapest and most affordable stay-inns, the best street foods and not to forget shopping sprees for ladies. If you are planning a 5-6 day trip to India, these are the top 5 places that you must start with.


Q: When Taj Mahal was built and Where is Taj Mahal is situated?

Taj Mahal Took 22 years to complete (1631AD- 1653AD) and situated in Agra – City in India.

Q: Taj Mahal is Famous For?

Taj mahal is famous for its white tomb in the Centre.

Q: When Taj Mahal was designated as the World Heritage Site?

In 1983, Taj Mahal designated as UNESCO World Heritage site.

Q: Name two Heritage sites in India?

Red Fort and Agra Fort are the two Places you must visit in India.

Q: Name the Two Tourist places in India?

Taj Mahal and Red Fort – Tourist places in India.

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