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Career Option After 12th Science Stream

High salary Career Option after 12th

Career Option after 12th is most important factor of any student after completion of studies. As we all know Class 12th is a life changing step in our lives but students are very much confuse with the career what to do and what not to do ? We have the 3 stream in class 12th known as science , Commerce and Arts also known as humanities for all students studying in particular field have the different career options according to their ability and marks. Visit My Website For More Content – Thealphahuman.com

There are some popular career after passing 12th with science side is to medicine or engineering. Career Option after 12th -If you got the top marks in your 12th board you can go with top medical college. And can do MBBS after passing the entrance of the particular college. According to their criteria. MBBS is a very popular and interesting course done by the students who enjoy studying the biology subject.

Career Option after 12th- The course duration is about 5 years. And you can also placed in big hospital if you done everything good in your study and got higher chances to get in foreign also and you can also continue your further study in foreign college. As well and after 12th from Science side passed students can also do the Engineering as you can become civil , Electrical , Aerospace , Automobile , Computer and Nuclear Engineer. Students can also do the dentist course from the recognized university from India or from abroad also.

Career Option After 12th Commerce Stream

career option after 12th

If you are pass out from commerce you can choose the Career option after 12th of taking the degree university courses like – doing BBA, BCOM , BA ECONOMICS at UG level you can do these if you have interest in the accountancy subject and enjoy doing in maths as well you can submit the form entrance exam to the reputed universities like Delhi university and IP university if you are from north Delhi side there are many govt. as well private university like amity which they provide the courses at the reasonable and cheap rate.

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Once you complete the ug degree you can proceed with PG degree and you can do the MBA, MIM , MIS and PGDM at PG level and you can also get highest salary package if you have done this courses from the reputed regular college.

And you can also do Chartered Accountant which take a lot of Hardwork and exams to clear it if you are sincere with your studies and having the lot if interest in maths as well as accountancy subject this is best option you can ever do Career option after 12th commerce you can join any private institute with highly qualified teachers in their particular subjects and can become CA in just 3 years after the Hardwork and clearing all the exam conducted by the authority and you can also become the income tax department member if you have the potential to do it.

Banking Career After 12th

Banking Career option after 12th

Banking Career option after 12th is the most popular and famous after the 12th commerce you can do. Their are different career option for the students in commerce with maths and without maths. you can clear the both exams of govt. as well as private bank and grab the different types of jobs in banking sector according to your interest and in future you can become the branch manager by your growth skills and Hardwork through which you can earn a minimum of one lakh INR in a month and fulfill your dreams.

Career Option After 12th –Commerce Without Math

If you have the physical education subject in your 12th commerce you can go with physical education teacher field by doing the courses and get the certified from particular college. And after that you can try your career in Gym as well as in schools or in private trainers job and can also give online training to the students of both group. To Know More Go to Link- BYJU’s

career option after 12th -If you have computer in your 12th commerce stream you can go with the BCA at the ug level if you have interest in computer line after that you can go with the MCA at PG level. After completion of the degree from any reputed university you are eligible to give an interview to the big companies And grab the higher package salary from the companies.

Career Option After 12th ARTS Stream

Career Option After 12th ARTS Stream

If you are the student of Arts in 12th after the school you can go with the great opportunity of social science in the deep world the students had enjoyed in studying in it. Students can do fashion designing from any private institute and can grab the job of it.

Career option after 12th – Hotel management is the best option after 12th arts you can do from the university or from the institute after completion of these course you have the great chances to go aboard and work with the big hotels, Restaurant like wise. And you can also do the depression counselling and the most famous and best career to be choose is the mass communication.

Journalism done by the most of the students including the subjects like print media, electronic, radio, Animation , web designing, media research and digital research and get the chance to do work with the great news channel companies if you have the talent students can become anchor , news reporter , professor , writer , video editor , tv producer , radio producer , photo journalist As career option after 12th.

And now we will take about the best field if the students have passion to doing the LAW from the reputed university like Delhi university or you can do it from private college.

After clearing the entrance exam candidates can choose Labour law , Commerical law , Business law , corporate law , criminal law , cyber law , and environment law according to the interest of students. You can take the professional degree and if you once became the lawyer you can also go for judges but it take all your hardwork , interest in the studies of law.

Career Option for Any Stream Student -Career Option After 12th

Career option after 12th any stream

As we know there are 3 streams in 12th. Now what i am going to tell you about the career any student can do it from any particular stream student he/she is. First of you can do Digital marketing course after research from where you want to do it from universities or from private institute and you can also do coding courses.

Main and most important you can go with government exams like Union service public commission (UPSC) exam after the preparation you can get from institutes in Mukherji nagar or Rajender nagar Famous for civil service students there are 3 steps to clear UPSC exam first is prelims and then mains exam and after clearing the both last is going for interview and then you can become IAS , IPS Officer. You can choose as a career option after 12th wisely from my content you will get the exact and up to date facts with knowledge for your career.

UPSC is knows as the toughest exam in the world so it going to be not so easy if you have the study insect in your mind you can do it.

You can also go through SSC preparation and grab a lot govt. jobs in bank or in any other field also. So, there are many career option after 12th you can do but you need to choose wisely in which main study you have the interest and having the bright future in the particular field. do not go with flow go with your skills and ability i have discussed above all main courses and highly demand degree courses.


The real striking of stress and anxiety-related problems are felt in picking a career direction after graduating from high school. This blog will certainly help you in overcoming fears of choosing the wrong paths in your life after schooling. Although your interests are been taken into notice but here are some of the career paths to pursue after your high school which will help you to secure a reputed job and also in-depth knowledge of the related field. This is to remind you that these choices are not firm or highly approved by anyone for the career.

Instead, these are some of the career paths that could be recommended to a person who is having a problem in selecting his/her field of study. Normally these problems arise in adolescents, changing moods, and repulsive behaviours, all these can result in misleading their lives. To prevent students from ruining their lives, here are some of the career paths that one may find interesting and intent.


Q: Which Govt. Jobs is best as career option after 12th?

SSC, UPSC , Indian Railways, State police , Govt. Bank Jobs are best option after 12th.

Q: Which Job is best after 12th with High Salary Package ?

Engineering, Pilot, MBBS Doctor, IPS are some of the jobs after 12th with High salary package.

Q: Name The Toughest Exam in India after 12th?

IIT- JEE, UPSC, NDA, UGc-NET, IES, CLAT, CA, AIIMS PG – Toughest Exam in India.

Q: Who is the No.1 University in India and Which College is Ranked at No.1 in India ?

Indian Institute Of Science in Karnataka. – No.1 University in India.

Miranda House of Delhi University – No.1 Ranked College in India.

Q: Which College of the Delhi University has the Best Crowd?

The North Campus has the best crowd in the Delhi University.

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